The best classic auto transport

It makes sense to pick one that has a good track record of safe and seamless classic auto transport, although there are many classic auto transport choices out there. So the next move should be to do some analysis after you've agreed to invest in the hard-to - find antique car. We have a wide carrier network at Transcargo serving the entirety of London, and we pride ourselves on our service track record.

What is the criteria classic auto transports should provide?

You would want to select a business that has expertise in classic auto transport and exotic car transport while searching for a car transport provider.

  • A long history of transporting classic cars will be in the care of the finest sealed car transport firms. A carrier trying to pack as many vehicles as possible into one vehicle is the last thing you need. A company with a record of classic auto transport will offer you more comfort than a new company that has only carried out open air transport.
  • When you query for it, a classic auto transport company should be able to offer evidence of insurance. Check out what harm they are seeking to shield and what sections you’re going to repair.
  • Door-to – door delivery service choices would spare you the trouble of picking up your classic car by driving to a terminal.
  • Often crucial dates creep up on you, and that means that somewhere quickly you must get your car. For an extra charge, many classic auto transport services provide expedited delivery.
  • You should be able to interact with the carrier effortlessly. GPS monitoring is much more useful so that you can monitor your classic car’s location yourself, or at least contact an agent to get alerts in real time.
  • You want to be able to make a claim, and quickly, in the unfortunate event that your car is somehow destroyed in the delivery process. You will be able to assist with this with your classic auto transport