In shipping oversized vehicles, G’S Auto Hauling has a wealth of experience

We are expertise in the vehicle transportation service where we know-how to transport all oversized vehicles effectively. From sprinter vans, modified or lifted trucks, food truck transport, military vehicles, and all the way to commercial buses and heavy equipment, we have handled numerous oversized vehicle transports. Simply put, if you need to transport oversized vehicles, we're the company, G’S Auto Hauling can get it done.

Why it's hard to ship an oversized vehicle?

It will be oversized if your vehicle is a heavy truck or some other vehicle where some equipment is fixed to it. If the car is taller than the average, it would be oversized. In most cases, weight is not necessarily a factor.

The auto transport dealer you want to employ would not be able to quickly locate a carrier to initially transport your oversized vehicle. They are not going to be able to communicate with the carriers they would usually call. This results that the dispatch method can be much slower. Dealers also partner with carriers with which they have partnered in the past, contributing to a quicker phase but high pricing. 

Burden that you have to face

You will experience a postponement in the time required for transporting your oversized vehicle to be picked up and probably delivered to its final destination due to the difficulty involved. You will be asked to pay much more, as it is not too prevalent, which means that the basic rules of supply and demand take over in terms of prices.

As flatbed transport trucks have to meet with increases in the laws and regulations for the transport of an oversized vehicle on the road, the longer the route is, the fuel economy often declines, resulting in the transfer of costs to you.

In shipping oversized vehicles, G’S Auto Hauling has years of knowledge. We’re going to try to make the process as easy as possible to make sure the shipping time is fair and that the rate is reasonable. It doesn’t need to be such a difficult process to ship oversized vehicles. Get in touch with the team to begin the process with our customer service staff!